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India is undergoing a sporadic change across Cities and Towns in terms of the kind of food being consumed. At the least, in cities the focus is slowly and steadily moving towards Wellness and staying fit to be away from possible life style based and long term diseases. With the growing pollution coupled with the type and quality of food and water being consumed there are a lot of health concerns that include Diabetes, Skin, Air and Water borne diseases including respiratory issues that are shooting up

People have become conscious about what they are eating and have also started to get into the details like what is inside a particular food they are buying or consuming. Not just this, the modern kitchens have now started to stack the so called Millets and have started to relook at old-fashioned recipes to see how they can be brought back to the daily lifestyle

Considering that there is going to be an increasing demand for organic, healthy ingredients and people will start looking for healthy cooking options, Healthy Foods India is making an attempt with this platform to enable all health lovers to have a ready reckoner of healthy products across the different categories – be it Millets or Organic Vegetables or Ready to Eat healthy foods or Ready to Cook healthy foods etc

Not just the products, you will be able to enjoy several healthy food recipes contributed by other health lovers right on the platform

Come join us in this journey of spreading healthy eating and leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.

We have been buying our groceries from various super markets and for some reason whenever we want to buy products like millets, brown rice or any other organic products we do not get all of them in one super market. We were going round various shops and buy the suitable products from different vendors. For us, healthy foods india portal was a boon as it is just concentrating on healthy products and without any confusion we are able to choose and buy

Joshi family Hyderabad

Myself and my husband work in the Information technology industry and most of the time we do not have time to cook at home and at the same time we are not very keen to eat outside daily. We were looking for Ready to Eat healthy eating options and in that process got connected with Healthy Foods India. Not just the products we can also look for some good health conscious recipes too. Great portal for health lovers

Asha Technology consultant in IT

We have been looking for healthy food cooking options and it has always been a challenge to find healthy ingredients of different vendors at one place. We absolutely like the concept of healthyfoodsindia.com which is a consolidator of healthy products from different vendors at one place

Lavanya Home Maker